Happiness and Wellness to You!

"Trina does a great job with massage. I recently went in for a massage and was well overdue. I hadn't been in to see her for a few months and have been training for a duathlon. After seeing her my body felt great and I can even see that I am running and biking better. My knees are not sore... I would highly recommend Trina to anyone. She has a great house and a great massage room and is very attentive and a great listener to find your problem spots and works very well on those. Thanks Trina!" E. D.

"I began getting massages with Trina while she was still in school. I enjoyed her massages as she was still training and I continue to enjoy them. It is fun to see and FEEL how Trina has evolved. She is innovative, trustworthy, and her best interest is YOU, the client.

It is important to her, that her clients look and feel good. I have a bad back along with a stressful life as a nursing student, mom, wife, etc. Trina is very good at reading my body to know where I would best benefit from her healing touch. She always answers my questions with professionalism
and if she doesn't have the answer right away, she has a book in hand with the answers by the time I am dressed.

Along with massages, I have also enjoyed the detox and the body contour wraps with Trina in which I lost 15 inches! I have recommended her to my family and friends time and again!" S. W.

"Dear Trina, thank you sooo much for the awesome massage! It felt so good. I'll tell my friends about it. Thanks for the extra time you gave me. I really appreciate it." J. H.

"As someone new to massage I couldn't have picked a better person to start with. Trina put me completely at ease. She asked what were the problem areas I would like worked on and explained the difference in the kinds of massages. I thoroughly enjoyed my first massage and have continued to see her. My husband has also received massages from Trina, and she has been successful in helping him with his pain. I would recommend Trina because she is good at what she does and I think it is because she likes what she does." L. R.

"Trina is a fantastic massage therapist. She has skills and techniques that I had not been exposed to before and which have helped greatly with neck and back problems I experience due to having a sit-down job. Her prices are incredibly affordable and not only does one get benefit from the massage itself, but I find myself less prone to stress more than a week after my appointment. The ambiance of her treatment room as well as the soothing music that is played make the time go by fast which is why I always opt for a 90-minute session. In sum, I highly recommend Trina to all those in the Rochester area interested in getting a massage." T. D.

"Trina's massage is the best I've ever experienced in my life! I have received many, many massages, even in other countries. She has many unique techniques and a fantastic, soothing touch! I recommend Trina to all my family and friends." C. M.

"Unbelieveable value! I see her bi-monthly for stress relief and pain management. Her prices are so affordable, which is such a nice bonus! She is kind and caring, and really has a therapeutic touch that helps my body deal with my day-to-day stresses. I refer her to my friends and family frequently, and would highly recommend her to anyone!" J. D.